Janna Breslin


How to Create Your Own Luck

All of us know at least one obnoxiously lucky person—the one who always wins raffles, who bounces back from breakups…

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Soul Searching

What Soul Searching Really Means—And How to Do It

You’ve probably heard someone announce that they’ve done a lot of “soul searching.” You might have said those words yourself…

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heart health

Want Better Heart Health? Adjust Your Bedtime

Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise? There might just be some truth…

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Neuroscience and Anxiety: Why You’re Anxious and What to Do About It

You’ve got a big deadline coming up, you’re about to have a big talk with your significant other and you…

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Why People Believe Crystals Have Certain Powers

Alternative healing and other modalities are becoming more popular these days. One of those modalities involves using crystals—but do they…

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Light Therapy

Use Light Therapy to Get Better Sleep

You’re tossing and turning again: it’s 3am, and you can already tell that sleep isn’t going to happen tonight. The…

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Sex Hormones

How Stress Affects Your Sex Hormones

Your boss is breathing down your neck. Your home is a mess. You’ve just got an unexpected bill, and your…

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Romantic Relationships

How Your Relationship with Your Parents Can Affect Your Romantic Relationships

“She has daddy issues.” “He’s such a mama’s boy.” You’ve probably heard these phrases at least once in your life….

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Resonance Repatterning

Try Resonance Repatterning Therapy to Change Your Circumstances

If you’ve ever been so anxious you’ve thrown up, or get headaches when you’re angry, you’ve experienced the link between…

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Spiritual Detachment

Embrace Nothing: Learning the Rules of Spiritual Detachment

How many times have you worked for a goal, only to find yourself banging your head against the wall? Why…

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Sleep deprivation

7 Ways to Create a Restful, Restorative Sleep Environment

It’s hard to believe that there was ever a time we resisted naps—but those were more well-rested days. As a…

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How to Conquer Loneliness and Feel Better Fast

The last year and a half has disrupted a lot of our social outlets. Between virtual schooling, remote work and…

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