Air Quality: VOC’s, Hidden Toxins in Our Home, Weakened Immunity, + How to Take Control with Molekule


Let’s chat about air quality. Many people in the past few years have to check air quality to see how safe it is to spend time out outside. But, who’s to say we should only worry about the air quality outside? Better yet, most people focus so much on what they put into their body and what they put on their body, but fail to focus on what they are breathing into their body.


Believe it or not, the quality of air inside our homes may be something we should start concerning ourselves with. Why? There are many things inside your home triggering poor air quality and any negative health effects that come with it. So, what do we do about it? That’s what you’re about find out in this episode of the Complete Human podcast.


We are joined by air quality expert, as well as the Present and CTO of Molekule, Dilip Goswami. Molekule is a company who creates stand-out air purifiers. Their mission is to eliminate indoor pollution in every home, for everyone—and that’s just the beginning. Their vision is to expand this technology to businesses, hospitals, airplanes and more—effectively eliminating indoor air pollution altogether.


What we discuss:

1:30 – Why we need to not only focus on what we put in and on our body, but also what we are breathing into our body.

4:00 – The changes in the world that have led to lower and lower air quality.

7:00 – Should we still “get outside to get fresh air”?

9:00 – What pollutants do we need to watch out for?

13:30 – Our bodies natural ability to purge/shield ourselves from these toxins

26:00 – Are air purifiers actually improving your air quality?

30:30 – the effects of air quality on your mental functioning.

31:30 – The relationship between air quality and immunity.

40:00 – Final thoughts on poor air quality

47:00 – Can’t afford an air purifier, what can you do?


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