Ben Greenfield: Daily Healthy Living, Bio-Optimizing, and Spiritual Fitness

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In the world of biohacking, Ben Greenfield may be the truest practitioner of that craft. Today in our candid interview with him, we discuss this ancient craft and what he does day after day to optimize his entire life. From red light to ice baths, to how he structures his workday, and how he works out, Ben takes us through a day in the life of one of the most famous bio-optimizers.

Like a lot of our guests, we find that Ben’s mission and his success, seems like more of a spiritual journey than a physical one. There is no doubt that a deep spiritual connection and mission drive. We learn about what Ben does daily, and why he thinks hours of meditation is not necessary. Ben talks about his secret to the ultimate power nap and how he incorporates psychedelics into his life.

What we discuss…

2:16- Living better and longer with biohacking

6:08- How does biohacking in its pure vernacular, compare to this idea of optimizing what we currently do & can do to live a better life?

8:14- What does the day in the life of Ben Greenfield look like?

17:47- How does Ben coach people on how to actually live a better life?

20:32- How to overcome the systematic mindset to healthy living

22:33- Can you have performance, longevity, and aesthetics all at the same time?

27:12- Happy Living v. Health Addiction

28:53- What is your purpose? Do you have a purpose statement?

33:59- How to strengthen a marriage?

38:47- Ben’s Top Health Tip

To learn more about Ben:

Instagram: @bengreenfieldfitness
Podcast: Ben Greenfield Fitness

Evan DeMarco

Evan DeMarco is a leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms.

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