Episode #32 “Do Hard Things.” Cultivating Mental Strength and Resiliency with Spartan Founder, Joe De Sena

Evan and Janna chat with Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan which is the most popular obstacle course racing community in the world. Joe discusses mental strength and resiliency and exactly why it is important to do hard things, even if you must manufacture “hard things” yourself. Joe and many people in the Spartan Race community believe that grit, endurance, and success is mostly accomplished in the mind. Over 8 million people have crossed the Spartan finish line to date and the number keeps growing. We are excited to have Joe on to discuss building up ourselves, families, communities, and the world to be a place of strength and resiliency. His mission is to transform 100 million lives through the obstacles on the course and ultimately the obstacles in life.

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