Episode #24 The Future of CrossFit with Interim CEO Dave Castro

Complete Human sits down with interim CEO Dave Castro to discuss the future of CrossFit in the midst of COVID-19 and former CEO’s racial tweet. Is Dave optimistic and can CrossFit survive?

On June 7th, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman tweeted Floyd 19. The response from CrossFit community and many of its notable sponsors was swift and decisive. Reebok announced that it would not extend it’s contract past the current season. Rogue announced that hey would be severing ties with the community.

Many notable athletes like Tia-Claire Toomey and Rich Froning proclaimed their future involvement in Crossfit hinged on what HQ did.

Glassman steps down but still retains 100% ownership of the company. Dave Castro is appointed CEO. Complete Human Co-Hosts Janna Breslin, a long time Crossfitter, and Evan DeMarco join Dave at the Crossfit Ranch in Aromas, CA for a very candid interview on the Tweet, the litany of sexual misconduct charges leveled at Glassman, the future of Crossfit in the middle of a pandemic, and why he still believes in the brand.


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